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    Master Cheng Jincai Entering the door of Chen Taijiquan

    by Asr Cordes Traditional chen style taijiquan is complete art that develop the practitioner on many levels along the road to achieving mastery, Whether one’s purpose in training is for health or for marital skills, traditional Chen Style Taijiquan  training seeks to develop the compete person inside and out. As the Chen Style begins to gain popularity its standard bearers and official representative travel around the world teaching the genuine article to those sincerely interested in achieving the development offered by genuine Chen Style Taiji Training. It is upon meeting and interacting with these Master that the aspiring Taiji practitioner begins to realize that alot more is involved in learning…

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    How to Loose your shoulder in Tai Chi?

    for Tai Chi beginner, no matter how you are told the first step is to loose the body, remove the tensions, to loose p your body,the first area to focus is to loose the shoulder, it may look easy but its now, How to loose the shoulder ? there are no shortcuts, to loose the shoulder you have to start from the basis,  is

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    Ten Essential Principles of All Tai Chi

    一、虚灵顶劲 – Keep your mind clear, and keep you neck and head going up naturally, 二、含胸塌腰 – keep you back and cheat bent, like bowl, when it turns,release more power and help to loose the body. 三、松腰养气- loose up the hips and prepare or reserved the qi or Dantian 四、分清虚实 – have control on solid or empty, for example empty feet, or weight shafting. 五、沉肩坠肘 – sing shoulder and drop elbow, to help you loose up your body, 六、以意行气 – use your thought to move the  qi, not the force 七、上下相随 – upbody and lower body or leg feets moving smoothly ,not broken moves. 八、内外相合 九、招势相连 – all move are…