Master Cheng Jincai Entering the door of Chen Taijiquan

by Asr Cordes

Traditional chen style taijiquan is complete art that develop the practitioner on many levels along the road to achieving mastery, Whether one’s purpose in training is for health or for marital skills, traditional Chen Style Taijiquan  training seeks to develop the compete person inside and out.

As the Chen Style begins to gain popularity its standard bearers and official representative travel around the world teaching the genuine article to those sincerely interested in achieving the development offered by genuine Chen Style Taiji Training. It is upon meeting and interacting with these Master that the aspiring Taiji practitioner begins to realize that alot more is involved in learning the art than just the diligent practice of techniques and principles.

Master cheng Jincai Grew up training the Chen village and has practiced chen Style tai ij for  over 40 years having been a top” indoor disciple” of 18th Generation standard bearer Chen Zhaokui, Master Cheng is quite well versed in waht it take to be able to received the genuine transmission of the art and achieve the higher level of development. Cheng Jincai the third of five son was born in 1954 in Wen Country Henna province . China, The birth lace of Chen Style tai Chi, as youth . Cheng was very sickly and suffered from severed headaches dizziness and fainting, as a result he was able neither to attend school regularly nor live a normal life. as did the other children. after great efforts to remedy the illness. finally one doctor told Cheng’s father that his illness was very difficult to cure and that this would probably be a lifetime condition.  Cheng became very depressed about his situation but he noticed that other child around the village who practiced Taiji Gong fu were very healthy, so at young age of seven Cheng decided to take his life into his own hands and began learning Taiji chuan to improve his health.

to be contiunes.