Chen Fa Ke

Chen Fa Ke (1887-1957) 17th generation

Chen Fa Ke (1887-1957)

Chen Fu Shen a.k.a Chen Fa Ke, son of Chen Yan Xi and the great grandson of Chen Chang Xin, was famous Chen Style 17th generation master. He was not a serious student of Tai Chi Chuan until it became obvious that the hereditary title of standard-bearer for the art would pass from his father to a more deserving practitioner. He was remembered for his diligent practice, performing many repetitions of Tai Chi Chuan everyday. He modified his family art and created Chen Style Xin Jia (New Frame)

In 1928 he traveled to Beijing at the request of Chen Zhao Pei to teach Tai Chi Chuan. He established a name for himself, defeating a number of noted martial artists. As a result of this, Chen family Tai Chi Chuan became well known.


His first son, Chen Zhao Ho died young. His second son, Chen Zhao Xu, father of Chen Xiao Wang, stayed with him, but unfortunately he died only three years after his father in 1960 at the age of 46. His third and fourth sons,Chen Zhao Xiang and Chen Zhao Kui both learned his art and continue the family tradition. His son Chen Zhao Kui is the only one inherited his Xin Jia (New Frame). Chen Fa Ke accepted at least several hundred disciples over the period of thirty years. Among them were Chen Zhao Pei, Feng Zhi Qiang, Gu Liu Xin, Liu Rui Zhan, Tang Hao, Li Jin Wu, Li Mu Min, Pan Yong Chow, Hong Jun Sheng, and Tian Xiu Chen.