Chen Zhao Kui (1928-1981) 18th generation

Chen Zhao Kui was a student and second son of his father, Chen Fake. He began to learn from him when he was eight years old. While living and studying in BeiJing, he was noted as one of the first exponents of the “xin jia” style created by his father. He also taught in ShangHai and NanJing. He is credited for bringing the Xin Jia style to Chen JiaGou, returning from BeiJing in 1973 at the request of Wang Xian. He taught Xin Jia in both public and private classes, passing knowledge of the art on to the “four warrior attendants” Chen XiaoWang, Chen ZhengLei, Wang Xian, and Zhu TianCai. Other students include Ling Zhian, Cheng Jin Zhai, Ma Hong, and Wu Xiou Bou. He was renowned for his skill in Qinna (catch and hold techniques).