Ten Essential Principles of All Tai Chi

一、虚灵顶劲 – Keep your mind clear, and keep you neck and head going up naturally,

二、含胸塌腰 – keep you back and cheat bent, like bowl, when it turns,release more power and help to loose the body.

三、松腰养气- loose up the hips and prepare or reserved the qi or Dantian

四、分清虚实 – have control on solid or empty, for example empty feet, or weight shafting.

五、沉肩坠肘 – sing shoulder and drop elbow, to help you loose up your body,

六、以意行气 – use your thought to move the  qi, not the force

七、上下相随 – upbody and lower body or leg feets moving smoothly ,not broken moves.


九、招势相连 – all move are connected, no broke moves,

十、动中求静 – inner pieces, claim yourself even in a ocean waves.