How to choosing a Tai Chi Teacher

How to choosing a Tai Chi Teacher ?

Many people do not have the luxury  of time or money to go China to learn Tai Chi.  so the only way to find their teacher is locally,

What is the first thing when you looking for a Tai Chi teacher ? The lineage ,everyone want to study with the best grand master.

what if there is not a grand master Tai Chi teacher in your city, maybe the lineage holder disciple  of a grand master. that is all alright.

Lineage is the first thing you think of . Second make sure you did not learn from the MIX  style teachers, in our world there is a lot of  people who study with many master, are they all good ? maybe, like we went to school if you good at everything, but you sure are not expert at anything.

There is Five major of Tai Chi, Chen style, Yang style, Sun Style, Wu,Style, Hao Style, for Chen style there is many more grand master with different form styles, for example the Famous four tiger, are their form all same ? the answer is not, if you check with you tube, they are much different forms,  if you study one year with each of them, what you get ? Nothing. you may get little what looks like Tai Chi but not the really truths,   if you do learn from the person who study with many teachers, compare with their from and their teachers ,you will notice the different,

In Chinese there is  a saying, from the beginning to the end, Choosing the right teacher are very important, Tai Chi is for Life, Patients, dedication. Martial Art Virtues are all element make you go to next level of martial art.

to be contiuned