Internal Martial Arts

Hundred Days Mastery of Iron Palm Technique

As the name suggests, Iron Sand Palm is a type of palm technique trained using iron sand and falls within the category of hard internal martial arts.

Among the numerous martial arts schools that exist throughout China, most have their own version of Iron Sand Palm techniques. Although the names may vary, the training methods share similarities and follow certain patterns. In essence, Iron Sand Palm is a hard internal martial art developed by using iron sand and herbal materials as training aids. It is a striking, defensive, and performative palm technique that, with prolonged practice, can break bricks and split stones. […]

Internal Martial Arts

The Beauty of Eight Trigram Palm

1. The Beauty of Eight Trigram Palm: Yin-Yang Harmony and Strength-Softness Aesthetics The so-called strength-softness aesthetics of Eight Trigram Palm refers to the inherent techniques and training postures in Eight Trigram Palm’s routines that embody […]

Internal Martial Arts

Small talk of “Liu He” 六合

“The six combinations are the soul of Xinyiquan and an essential lesson in various styles of martial arts. As the author lacks expertise, I can only offer a humble discussion. As for in-depth and precise analysis, that is left to the experts in the field.

combinations can be divided into internal and external harmonies. The internal harmonies involve the unity of the heart and intention, intention and Qi (energy), and Qi and strength. The external harmonies involve the unity of hand and foot, shoulder and hip, and elbow and knee. Many martial artists commonly mention these in their writings, indicating their deep understanding of the profound meaning of the Six Harmonies. […]