The Story of Chen Jia gou 7-8

And with a pointed finger, he broke the rabbit’s leg and threw the rabbit to the ground. Then, with a triumphant posture, he looked at Wangting. Wangting, witnessing this situation, was also greatly surprised. He thought to himself that it’s no wonder Li Jiyu entrusted this person with the responsibility of patrolling the mountain. He stared at Jiang Fa for a moment and asked, “That day, when I went up the mountain, was it you?” Jiang Fa replied, “Indeed, it was me.” […]


The Story of Chen Jia Gou -4

According to historical records, Chen Wangting reorganized and innovated his family’s martial art techniques, which later generations named Chen-style Tai Chi. He also created routines like the Chen-style Tai Chi Spring and Autumn Big Knife. […]

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The Story of Chen Jia Gou 2-3

After several years of war, Zhu Yuanzhang finally took command of the Red Turban Army. In 1367, he sent troops on a northern expedition, making it the final step towards unifying China. On the northern […]