The Story of Chen Jia gou 7-8

And with a pointed finger, he broke the rabbit's leg and threw the rabbit to the ground. Then, with a triumphant posture, he looked at Wangting. Wangting, witnessing this situation, was also greatly surprised. He thought to himself that it's no wonder Li Jiyu entrusted this person with the responsibility of patrolling the mountain. He stared at Jiang Fa for a moment and asked, "That day, when I went up the mountain, was it you?" Jiang Fa replied, "Indeed, it was me."

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The Story of Chen Jia Gou 5-6

Wang Ting was furious. Originally, he only wanted to teach the drum officer a lesson and had no intention of killing him. Who would have thought that his strike would be too forceful and the drum officer couldn't deflect the blow, resulting in his instant death. With this turn of events, the cheers in the training ground immediately ceased, replaced by a wave of fear. Wang Ting thought to himself that a true hero should take responsibility for his actions and report to the chief examiner that he had killed someone.           With a flushed face and an air of anger, Wang Ting rode his horse towards the chairman's platform where the chief examiner sat. He sheathed his sword, dismounted from his horse, and knelt before the chief examiner, saying, "Reporting to Sir, this student has killed 'Bie'!" The chief examiner, puzzled by the change in the atmosphere, pretended to be composed and said in an official tone, "What's so remarkable about killing a 'Bie'?" Wang Ting replied, "I killed a person named 'Bie'!" Only then did the chief examiner realize the truth. Seeing Wang Ting's handsome and dignified appearance, he couldn't help but feel sympathy for his talent. He briefly inquired about the reason for killing 'Bie' and with a snort from his nostrils, he slowly said, "When you kill someone, you must pay with your own life!" However, he tilted his head and gave Chen Wang Ting a stern look, indicating that he should leave quickly. Wang Ting understood and bowed to the chief examiner, then swiftly mounted his horse. With a flick of his legs and a tug on the reins, the red horse's hooves kicked up dust as it galloped away from the field.

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