How Tai Chi can reduce stress ?

Tai Chi is an old Chinese practice that includes physical exercise and concentration of brain. Chinese martial arts include Tai Chi, which serves multiple purposes whether in the case of health or defense. Old age practices are found fruitful even in today’s era, as it is said, old is gold. People in the past used to prefer work that engaged their all bodily and mental capacities. Fighting in battle or fighting with diseases, both were dealt under same class of Tai Chi. However, physical power is necessary for defense and health but mental power is actually everything that is required to ace every battlefield. Keeping your body and spirit active helps you achieve your goals and can help you in spending a healthy and peaceful life. Tai Chi helps you deal with many problems by merely practicing some body reflexes on regular basis.

Are yoga and Tai Chi synonymous?

Yoga and Tai Chi both are physical exercises that increase body stamina and broaden your mental capacity. Yoga has its base in spiritual discipline while Tai Chi is a broader term in martial arts. Both of these exercises stretch your body muscles, soothes your body and increase breathing control.

Is Tai Chi preferable in medical aspects?

It is always preferred that medical problems should be treated without drugs or surgeries. They can cause drug resistance and infections in your body. Today people have a sedentary life style and immediately  run towards medicines even for the slightest problems. While Tai Chi is nothing about drugs or internal problems rather it includes body stretches and various postures. It calms your nerves and muscles. If you feel fatigued, Tai Chi may help in lactic acid break down in muscles and can save from various joint problems. If you start practicing Tai Chi at a younger age, you will experience more normal growth and better functioning of your body. Even it helps in curing serious diseases at their worst stages.

Benefits of Tai Chi:

This exercise is about soothing your body by stretching and meditating daily. Longer breaths have pleasant effect over your nerves and muscles of brain. Burden or pressure loaded over the nerves can be brought down by deep breathing movements and focusing on being relieved. You can join martial arts studios to practice Tai Chi, coaches guide you in a very nice manner following Chinese tradition. Tai Chi helps you tackle with stress and anxiety very smoothly. Everyone is always suffering through anything, a lot of problems arise as we step towards practical life. Stress and depression are most common problems faced by almost every individual.

You can face stress due to any failure, untoward incident or any sort of inconvenience. Brain muscles become stretched and sympathetic nervous system activates. This inhibits digestion, causes lack of attention, frequent zoning out from present and thoughts of that particular accident prevail. Less or no interest in surroundings may develop a pathetic condition. Body can only function properly if brain is in the  right state. If stress is prolonged, following conditions may appear;

·         Depression:

Depression is the continuous feeling of being sad and upset which may be due to a particular incident or failure. Stress on daily basis deprives you of mental serenity and depression prevails. It disturbs your sleeping cycle and habits, food intake, capacity to respond to immediate circumstances.

·         Insomnia:

Stressing over things on regular basis can make you insomniac, leading to no behavioral control and disturbance. Haunted dreams and disturbed pattern of sleeping is common.

·         Migraine:

Tension causes frequent stretching of muscles or nerves of brain. Prolonged hectic conditions may result in permanent headache. It may affect vision pattern and causes irritability.

·         High blood pressures:

Blood pressure rises due to stress and anxiety, it also increases the heart output, increased beating of heart with breathing problems and kidney problems too.

·         Brain hemorrhage:

Stress is a common factor these days, but if it is not overcome, serious health issues may arise. Brain hemorrhage or brain stroke are due to leakage or blockage in blood vessels which are life threatening scenarios.

Compare to Medical treatment for stress relief:

Stress is treated by some tranquilizers or drugs of different potency varying in various cases. Rest is recommended and instructions to avoid stress are given. Medicines usually take long time to show their effects and continuous intake of drugs is an arduous phase for everyone. Many people take sleeping pills which disturb their stomachs. Some people find their way towards some psychologists, this is better sort of treatment and counseling helps patients in recovery. Many people feel hesitant while visiting a psychologist due to society pressure, so it is advisable to visit Tai Chi studios where meditation may help them in early recovery.

What practices include Tai Chi?

A series of slow movements accompanied by deep and controlled breathing in the state of complete focus, irrespective of the surroundings is basically Tai Chi. It increases strength and flexibility in your body, boosts up upper and lower limbs of the body. This increases your physical strength but a healthy mind is necessary for a healthy body to function. Fresh and healthy brain and nervous system can deal with all situations but a stressed brain cannot function efficiently. Tai Chi involves slow and soulful breaths that help your neurons to lessen their burden by decreasing the impulse speed. Mood regulating hormones have positive effect of this activity, this calms down your system and helps in better brain activity.

It includes 3-3-3 rule, which involves movements of 3 body parts whenever you feel no way out of stress. This will lower your anxiety level.

Does Tai Chi follow age restrictions?

Tai Chi does not require any age for practice, if people practice Tai Chi since childhood, their bodies become habitual of unfavorable conditions. Minds are better evolved or are capable of staying calm even at tough occasions. People of any age can start Tai Chi, even the patients with severe back pain, kidney failure or any other disorder can find cure in it. Even in old people, bone strengthening occurs due to this exercise.

Is Tai Chi a tiring activity?

Active body is necessary to live a healthy life, as gym and walk make you feel tired at that moment but have soothing effects afterwards. Mind and body really feel light after regular practice. If you are a beginner, start with baby steps according to the instructions provided by your coach, It may be difficult at the start with your stress but you need to be persistent in following the schedule of exercise. Within 2-3 weeks, you can clearly see difference and improvement in yourself.

A stressed brain retards your mental capacities as well as body functions. Relaxed state of mind helps you tackle every situation. Deoxygenation of stressed routes in your body result in muscle and nerve fatigue, Tai Chi includes deep breathing. This provides oxygen to oxygen deprived parts and  increase your lung capacity and calms your body.


People are spending lazy and hectic life, they have no time to look after their own health. Everyone is busy making money and no heed is taken about ever falling health. Even the youngsters are facing back pain, stress and depression. At the age of growing, people are surrounded by problems and illnesses. Youth is the age of power and strength, but, as a result of investigation, it has been observed that 70% of the youth is not doing anything productive. Mobile phones and smart devices are consuming the precious time and bodily and mental capacities too. Whenever someone faces problems like depression or stress, they start taking anti-depressant pills and tranquilizers which may soothe for a particular time period. But when there is a relapse of tension, there is no in built immunity to control it and in this way you become addicted to medicines.

Some people fall a prey to bad habits, for example, drugs, smoking or bad companies. They try to find peace in such activities but return empty handed at the end of the day. Very less people are aware of the benefits of Tai Chi. Awareness programs should be held so that people may move towards TC to find cure to their problems. As Tai Chi provides cure to almost all diseases and in addition, provides physical power for defense, emotional stability, positive mood and positive outlook towards life. Less health problems are faced if you already practice martial arts specially Tai Chi. Light and soulful body maintains your good health and productivity while doing any sort of work.

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