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How to tai chi reduce back pains

       Tai chi has always been exclusively associated with the Chinese. Tai chi is a Chinese exercise and martial art practice that is characterized by maximum focus, slow movements and deep breathing. It is an exercise with a pattern or procedure, and so, it is not something will grasp just at a glance. The teachers will always say that you follow the rules and allow it to be part of you, and then you can enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Its slow and mediatory approach enhances blood circulation and alertness of the body organs. Tia chi is used basically for two approaches, the martial art approach and the healthcare approach. The healthcare approach of Tai chi is well-known to the Chinese but not a popular approach to the rest of the world no until the recent times.

      During the COVID -19 pandemic a new approach to the use of Tai chi was discovered. This is a new approach to the application of Tai chi that helped the world a great deal. Many people who are suffering from the virus used the practice as part of their management therapy because of its ability to ensure the proper functioning of some organs in the body. Also, the COVID -19 pandemic created an awareness to the world about the importance of Tai chi – not only as a management therapy but also as a healthy living practice. This is because before the pandemic and in the recent past, the world has view Tai chi as just a martial art practice that is domicile to the Chinese and many do not see the need if they are not interested in martial art.

      Apart from the management of COVID -19, Tai chi has been proven by many research to be every effective in pain management. With Tai chi, some body pains do not need drugs which may cost you some good money, and you may not need to book a spar session as it will cost you some more money.

Tai chi and pain management

Sometime the chronic pain felt in the body are so painful and devastating, some people who sufferfrom this type of pain will define it as agonizing and wish to get out of it as soon as possible. Sadly, this type of pain is mostly witnessed by the aged ones and it is always a pity sight to see them suffer in that way.  Tai chi can help in the management of such crucial pain such as:

  1. this is the type of bone pain and damage that occurs whenever the cartilage that protects the ends of the bones in the joints wear off. This type of arthritis is today consider as one of the most common type of arthritis and its stages can go for minor to mild, then moderate and sever joint pain. This type of cartilage damage or arthritis, could affect any bone of the body but it is more on the joints, spine, knee and hips. When this this arthritis gets to the sever stage, the patient involved will experience such a disturbing pain. The clinching of the joint bones is the source of pain to our aged ones. But with the practice of Tai chi, all the joints of the body are made to move from time to time and it serves as a means of lubrication to the bones and it also exercises the cartilages.
  2. : it is also called widespread pain. Fibromyalgia affects every part of the body and can affect every person of any age. People suffering from fibromyalgia are more sensitive to feel and touch and any painful touch hurts them so badly. Fibromyalgia is characterized by fatigue, mood change, emotional distress and sleep disorder. Although fibromyalgia is not life threatening but the pain can affect the daily living of the patient and can make them loss concentration in many thing. Part of the characteristics of Tai chi is its ability to improve your concentration of meditation ability. People who suffer from fibromyalgia are advised to register for a Tai chi class and many have testified that just few weeks of Tai chi practice they already have a great relief and that’s a good result.
  3. chronic heart pain is a serious health issue for anyone who is suffering from it. This type of pain can happen to anyone which means it doesn’t have any age limit. Heart pain may actually be caused by many other health diseases but the pain can be managed using Tai chi practice. The exercise is not actually a strenuous one; rather it is concentrated on building the inner strength of an individual. This is why the Chinese consider Tai chi as a healing practice and should be done by everyone. Getting a Tai chi class will not add to the pain in the heart, rather it will help you manage the pain you are feeling because it will first take your mind off the pain you are feeling at the moment and slowly reduce the pain.
  4. the ligaments and tendons of the human body may feel some pain from time to time but when this pain becomes chronic and could be triggered by every little contact with the body then it becomes a health condition that needs to be treated or managed. Musculoskeletal pain is a type of pain that is characterized by aching of the entire body and fatigue. However, it is not always severing like that of arthritis but it can develop into that. Tai chi became a good treatment for it and also a management practice. This is because Tai chi involves the simultaneous movement of every part of the body but not always in a very fast way. On the contrary, it has a slow and steady type of movement. People who are going through the Tai chi class always report a significant decrease in musculoskeletal pain while some others said it was completely healed after a few weeks of the practice.

       Really the importance of Tai chi cannot be over emphasized because the more you think you have known about Tai chi the more researches are been made and new importance of the practice is being unveiled.  Tai chi has already made its mark in the management and treatment of the COVID 19 virus which came as a shock to the rest of the world and made a lot of people to recognize the practice as not just a martial art practice but also a healthcare practice. Now its mark in the healthcare industry is been enhance by its ability to treat and manage various types of pain as discussed above. That notwithstanding, there is a believe that the benefits of Tai chi to human is yet to be unfolded. Researchers have dedicated good time to this course and there is no doubt that there is still a lot to be learnt about Tai chi.

      With what is already known about Tai chi and what is yet to be unveiled about the martial art practice, it may be right to say that Tai chi may become an official therapeutic practice for the management and treatment of many illnesses and disorder. You may have your reservations if you are a health practitioner but the testimonies from people who are already in the practice of Tai chi will help you understand better. Furthermore, it is very important to understand that some pains like fibromyalgia and Musculoskeletal pain may not always show its effect on the patient during the first weeks but the patient is actually going through so much pain on the inside. The pains may even be more when it is being suffered by an aged person. This is why experts advise that younger people should involve more in Tai chi practice so that when they are getting old, some of these illnesses may not even occur at all.

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