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How to “Take Root” when practice Tai Chi

What is “take root” ? When practicing Tai Chi , Take root “落地生根”is metaphor indicate that you feet are very stable, like growing a root to the ground. according to the theory in “Tai Chi Chuan principle “太极拳经, you suppose to make your rise your step like a cat ,use your step like you are facing a deep deep abyss and not fall in it. this is also a metaphor , it means you have to walk your step very light and very stable. to do this you will have to reach two points, first light, second is steady。 steady means every step you took shows extremely strong foundation, or show heaviness. if you don have that that heavy steady ness stepping, you up body are lightly and may shows flow, easy to fall if your opponent take punch on you, when you practicing when you foot take root too much, it will reduce the body reflexibility slow down the movement. so we we practice we are require to practice with rise the step light like feather and step down like heavy mountain, its also means when in movement we taking a step we have to make sure when and how you want you feet down first, not after you put you feet down then try to move the toe or hill around, this is also parts requirement for “take root”

So when we practicing we need manage our feet and our body and hand all coordination, once you move its done, do not move your feet around unless its go to next move. take a step base on your high and weight find the right angle. beside this the foundation are extremely important。 waist movement, leg movement , if you have a bad waist or leg, you will not able to take root when do Tai Chi .

in order to reach that level of take root, there some basic tenique you have to master it. for example rise the kneees and feet up. you will need to standing still and loose up the waist area, use your waist to push the knee out and just right let your feet slid and touch the ground, follow the order, toe, center of the feet and hill, when your feet complete reach the ground then shift weight, put weight on the feet. when you done this make sure you knee do not go pass your toe, and do not shake your leg or knee, and not make any movement on your toe or hill. hold it stead. and keep body up straight. do not bend you back or head look down. keep practice this and apply this to all the movement in Tai Chi .

last Tai Chi beside the health benefit , the martial arts side it require you to act or make move fast, accurate and ruthless. this requirement you have to keep practice the loose up waist and make firm movement to reach it, very important . if you are only practice the forum, it far from enough. Tai Chi martial art requirement specials kind trainings like this.

overall in Tai Chi ” take root” it just basic like boxing ,make sure you have firm steady leg, and also keep the reflexbiblty . too light the up body do not holds and will fall, too heavy moment will slow down and increase step you are taking. keep practice just have to reach the certain points,

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