Mr. Wei Qinwen’s Biography

    Mr. Wei was originally from Funing County, Hebei Province but was born in Shenyang and taught martial arts at the Jilin Institute of Technology until his retirement. His father was a wealthy businessman who ran a restaurant, and Mr. Wei, out of necessity, began apprenticing at the restaurant after finishing elementary school. Despite the daily toil, he continued to self-study diligently, seeking advice from the restaurant's patrons whenever he encountered difficulties. Thanks to his hard work and extraordinary intelligence, he made significant progress in his studies, laying a solid foundation for his future work and teaching. In his youth, Mr. Wei was frail and often ill, but was fortunate to be taken as a nominal disciple by Mr. Li Wenbiao, a renowned third-generation Baguazhang master and president of the Shenyang Martial Arts Association, who taught him Baguazhang.

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Mr. Guo Gumin’s Biography

         Guo Gumin, originally named Decang, was born on September 20th of the 13th year of the Guangxu Emperor (1887) and passed away on August 25th, 1968. His ancestral home was Guojiazhuang, twenty miles south of Yi County, Hebei Province. In his youth, he left home for Beijing to apprentice at an old clothing business. During his apprenticeship, through an introduction, he met the second-generation master of Baguazhang and founder of Liang style Baguazhang, "Clothing Liang" Liang Gongzhen, and thus began his training in Baguazhang under him.

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Ba Gua Zhang Popular Question & Answers

Why do practitioners of Baguazhang constantly walk in circles? Baguazhang, also known as Turning Palm, is vividly described by some as the "Millstone Door" due to practitioners' continuous left and right rotational walking in circles. The Bagua Song by Master Dong Haichuan goes: "Travel the ends of the earth with the primordial qi, the true essence of Bagua is my domain, every move does not stray from the change of feet, standing still is deemed to have fallen to the ground." The constant walking in circles, rotating left and right, is a major characteristic of the Bagua martial art school, making it unique, efficient, and an important skill.

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