Interview of The renowned master of Choi Lee Fat – Qu Hanquan.

Qu Hanquan, a highly skilled modern martial arts master, was born in Guangzhou in 1917, with ancestral roots in Yunfu. He lost his parents at a young age and began learning Cai Li Fo Quan (Cai Li Fo Fist) and Hong Quan under the tutelage of the martial arts teacher Fang Yushu at the age of 12. With his bright and diligent mind, he excelled in his studies and obtained the authentic teachings of Fang Yushu. He also studied traditional Chinese medicine and traditional bone-setting techniques.           In 1932, he opened a martial arts school in his ancestral home left by his father in Guangzhou and invited Chen Yaochi, a third-generation heir of Cai Li Fo Quan, to teach there, embarking on the path of imparting martial arts. In 1937, Qu Hanquan invested in his hometown to establish the "Chengxi Quan Yitang Martial Arts Society," which integrated a martial arts school, a medical clinic, and a charity hall. Apart from teaching martial arts, the society also provided free medical treatment for the local community.

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