Chen Zhaopi’s Insights on Tai Chi Quan in His Later Years

To practice Tai Chi Quan, one must understand what is ‘Chan Si Jin’ (Silk-Reeling Energy).

In Tai Chi Quan, we cultivate internal energy, and internal energy is ‘Chan Si Jin.’ Anything produced in a circular manner carries the essence of ‘Chan Si Jin.’ Chen-style Tai Chi Quan encompasses movement in all directions: up, down, left, right, front, back, internally involving the five organs and the skeletal structure, and externally encompassing the muscles, skin, and hair. There is no pulling or lifting, no flat or straight lines, no defects or protrusions, no breaks or interruptions. It is a harmonious whole that meets the standard. Therefore, Chen-style Tai Chi Quan relies entirely on circular force and ‘Chan Si Jin.’ Because it lacks flat or straight lines and does not rely on pulling or lifting. […]