Incredible Tips on Practice Iron Sand Palm

This training session involves combining the six palm attack techniques learned previously for balanced training on both sides. The goal is to master the six palm strike techniques more smoothly and fluently. Start with slow combination training to understand the connection and the principles of exerting force. As proficiency increases, add strength and speed. Once the patterns are mastered, any palm technique can be combined with another, forming a complete attack combination.

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How to Hundred Days Mastery of Iron Palm Technique ?

As the name suggests, Iron Sand Palm is a type of palm technique trained using iron sand and falls within the category of hard internal martial arts. Among the numerous martial arts schools that exist throughout China, most have their own version of Iron Sand Palm techniques. Although the names may vary, the training methods share similarities and follow certain patterns. In essence, Iron Sand Palm is a hard internal martial art developed by using iron sand and herbal materials as training aids. It is a striking, defensive, and performative palm technique that, with prolonged practice, can break bricks and split stones.

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