relaxing is the basic of Tai Chi

   Tai Chi is about overcoming strength with softness and using intention rather than force. Softness and relaxation are fundamental to Tai Chi, without which it cannot be considered an internal martial art. No matter the style, all sects of Tai Chi advocate for softness and relaxation. It is said that Tai Chi requires three years of practice to achieve softness. In reality, achieving ultimate softness and relaxation is a long-term pursuit, where the softer you become, the higher the quality of internal strength you develop. The greater your skill in softness, the more profound your Tai Chi becomes, and this correlation is directly proportional. Thus, each Tai Chi sect has its own secrets for mastering softness, accumulating a wealth of experience. Methods for achieving softness are thoroughly discussed within these sects, typically from two aspects.

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Why stretching is extremely important for Tai Chi 

Every morning, in the park or by the lake, you can always see many morning exercisers bending and stretching to stretch their ligaments. This type of exercise method is well known to everyone. As long as someone wants to exercise, even without a teacher's guidance, they will instinctively and naturally perform leg stretches and waist bends. Similarly, professional gymnasts, acrobats, dancers, etc., also consider leg stretches and waist bends as fundamental training. The purpose of this training method is to stretch the overall ligaments. The benefits include improving the flow of qi and blood in the body, achieving fitness effects, and making body movements more flexible and aesthetically pleasing. For example, gymnasts and dancers' movements present a gentle, coordinated, and graceful visual beauty to the audience.

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