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Fame and high exposure does not necessarily equal “a master.”

Having a big reputation and high visibility doesn't mean one is a "renowned teacher." Fame and fortune often burden one with superficial acclaim. A true "renowned teacher" is an "enlightened teacher," not only possessing exceptional skills but also demonstrating exemplary ethics. They are adept at tailoring their teaching to suit each student, taking their responsibilities seriously and demanding discipline. Genuine renowned teachers don't indulge in obscure and mystical martial arts theories; instead, they can elucidate martial arts theories in a clear and practical manner. They guide their students to integrate knowledge and action, truly embodying the martial arts.

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How to Choose a Tai Chi Teacher

When it comes to finding a Tai Chi teacher, many individuals are unable to travel to China due to constraints such as time and money. Consequently, the most viable option is to search for a local instructor. So, what should you consider first when looking for a Tai Chi teacher? The answer lies in the lineage, as everyone aspires to study under the guidance of the best grand master.           However, if there isn't a grand master Tai Chi teacher available in your city, it is perfectly acceptable to learn from a disciple of a lineage holder. Lineage remains the foremost consideration. Secondly, ensure that you avoid learning from teachers who mix different styles. In our world, there are numerous individuals who have studied under various masters. Are all of them proficient? Perhaps, just as in school, if you excel in everything, you may not be an expert in anything.

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