How Tai Chi Can Slow Aging.

First Ageing is a process in all human being in which they grow through the process of cell division until it reaches the point in which cells can’t divide to replicate to produce daughter cells. Ageing is common in all animals, because they grow and die at some point like human beings.

Some may ask, why do animals age and why some of them age faster than others?

Ageing is paramount to all human being and every other animal because it is a natural phenomenon. But they’re other factors that enable it to be faster than normal and some of those factors are below;

Environmental factors such as ultraviolent ray from the sun, air and water pollution, bacteria, fungi and viruses that human beings come in contact with which destroys some of the body cells and tissues and leaves their immune system fragile to fight against diseases.

Stress such as physical stress caused by the body being overloaded with work it can be able to carry. Other form of stress is emotional stress and psychological stress caused by brain damage and this limit air circulation in the body thereby enhancing ageing.

Lack of nutrient necessary for the body to function very well and intake of excess alcohol can aid in destroying some of the body organs.
Since the above factors have been highlighted, what could one do to slow ageing process?

They’re solutions to handle these highlighted factors but we’re going to discuss more on the part of using recreational or sporting activities to combat ageing faster what Tai Chi can do with Aging.

What is Tai chi

Tai Chi short for T’ai chi ch’üan or Tàijíquánis an internal Chinese martial art practiced for its defense training, its health benefits and meditation. The term taiji is a Chinese cosmological concept for the flux of yin and yang, the softness and the hardness. The Day and Night its all about balanced. and ‘quan’ means fist. Though originally conceived as a martial art, it is also have great benefit for healths.and achieving greater longevity.

Tai Chi, which originated over 2,000 years ago in China, emphasizes breathing and involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner.

What are the health implications of tai chi?

In as much as it is a martial art technique, it has it healing powers and other benefit associated to it and they’re; According to the study’s authors, Tai Chi “has been confirmed to benefit” patients with mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease and fibromyalgia. In addition, Tai Chi also appears to help with balance, blood pressure and stress reduction. This is anapproval that tai chi can take care of environmental factors that increases the rate of ageing in human beings

For example, one study from 2012 found that Tai Chi can give your memory a boost. Indeed scientists found that elderly Chinese people who practiced Tai Chi just three times a week for eight months performed better on memory tests than those who didn’t do Tai Chi. So, people practicing tai chi helps to stabilize brain and make it healthy and this helps other organs of the body to be healthy as well.

Still another study from 2012 — this one involving people with Parkinson’s — found that Tai Chi improved balance and lowered the risk of falls, because it is a form of exercise that builds the muscles that protects the other parts of human body and enable it body to alien with the spirit to make them whole and this bring peace to the person involved in it.
Then, how can tai chi slow the rate of ageing?

If human beings are living an improved standard of life, there will be a drastic reduction in ageing process and so, tai chi is one of the best practices one should be involved in to have an improved standard of living.

I said so because a healthy mind transcend a healthy body and that is the major function of tai chi practice – to bring out the inward energy of human being while making the body to connect with the spirit, thereby making both to be one and giving peace them.

Exercise in its form helps to improve human life and tai chi is the best exercise one could do. Reason is that,in addition to its anti-aging effects, Tai Chi gives flexibility which enables the free flow of blood in human body and aid in pain reduction, fall prevention and balance improvement, aerobic capacity, blood pressure, quality of life and stress reduction; regulate fluids in every human joints and increases human muscle. This help in proper functioning of all the organs of the body thereby reducing the rate of ageing.

It burns unwanted toxins and fat in the body, because tai chi requires movement of the body in a particular pattern.Furthermore, Tai Chi can also be considered as a relaxation exercise because it has to do with meditation while exercising. Therefore, as one engages in Tai chi, he engages the whole body into a physical exercise that will help take care of fatigue or and other illnesses that may arise for lack of exercise and will also engage the mind into a form of exercise because Tai chi requires a lot of calculation as per how to defend and attack.

A great philosopher has said that there is no better practice of longevity than keeping the mind, body and soul together. I think he was actually talking about Tai chi when he said that because hardly will you see any other form of exercise that will engage you in active practice and still provide some form of relaxation.